Other Equipment

Packaging And Weighing Equipment

Packaging And Weighing Equipment

Our range of packing and weighing equipment include both in-house manufactured and imported equipment that range from mechanical batch weighers to fully automated precision weighing and packing systems. Our system quality adheres to the highest standard and will allow for precision packing and weighing of all materials.  

Packing Equipment Range

  • Mechanical Packers (2.5kg – 1000kg)
  • Automated Packers (2.5kg – 1000kg)

Bag Stitchers

  • Manual Bag Stitches
  • Semi-Automated Bag Stitchers
  • Fully Automated Bag Stitchers

Weighing Equipment Range

  • Mechanical batch weighers
  • Semi-Automated batch weighers
  • Fully-Automated batch weighers
  • Bag counting and weight checking belts
  • Load sell systems