Seed & Grain Cleaners

Reverse Roll Sieve Machine

Tru Roll Sifting Machine

This durable, South African pre-cleaner is effective at cleaning the product on a smaller floor space than conventional Roll sieves.

  • It is a pre-cleaner for high volumes of grain per hour
  • It removes larger foreign materials such as sticks and empty pods
  • The sieve can be switched to remove smaller foreign materials such as rocks, grit and cocklebur
  • It cleans larger amounts on a smaller floor space
  • It requires 3 Phase electricity
  • The capacity varies between 15-120 tons p/h (depending on the size and product)

Products Successfully Cleaned

  • Corn
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Soya
  • Wheat
  • Sorghum
  • And more ...


  • Motor: Depends on model
  • Electricity needed: 3 Phase
  • Physical Dimensions: Depends on model
  • Control: Variable Speed Drive, Digital
  • Weight: Depends on model
  • Drum sizes: 720mm, 900mm, 1.2m
  • Capacity: 5-30 ton p/h