Seed & Grain Cleaners

JAPS Agricultural Destoner

The JAPS De-Stoner is specifically designed to effectively remove clots and stones out of a variety of grain products.

  • It is adjustable for the cleaning of different products
  • It removes small to very large clots and stones
  • The bed is adjustable
  • The airflow is adjustable
  • The vibration speed is adjustable
  • It requires 3 Phase electricity
  • The capacity varies between 500kg - 2tons p/h (depending on the size and product)

Products Successfully Cleaned

  • Sugar Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Soya
  • Corn / Maize
  • Grass seeds


  • Motor: Depends on model
  • Electricity needed:3 Phase
  • Physical Dimensions: Depends on model
  • Control: Variable Speed Drive, Digital
  • Weight: Depends on model
  • Table sizes: 600, 800, 1200
  • Capacity: 500kg - 2ton p/h